My brother has started playing Radiant Historia again.

Taking this from kittlesandbugs, it’s time for a music meme!

"You can tell a lot about someone by their music. Hit shuffle on iPod, iTunes, phone, media player, etc. Write down the first 20 songs, then pass this to 20 people. One rule: no skipping."

  1. A Light for Lost Hopes - Chrono Cross OST
  2. Phase 2: Innis - .hack//Game Music Perfect Collection
  3. Flutter Vs. The Gesellschaft - Project X Zone Soundtrack
  4. New World (Acoustic Version) - .hack//Legend of the Twilight Soundtrack
  5. Bahamut Is Summoned - Final Fantasy IX (Original Soundtrack Plus)
  6. Twilight - .hack//Beyond the World Soundtrack
  7. Echoes in the Heart - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Soundtrack
  8. Reintroduction - Ys: The Oath in Felghana Soundtrack
  9. shinjiru chikara - Princess Tutu Soundtrack
  10. Guidepost - Pokemon Red/Blue Soundtrack
  11. To sunlight Abi - Heartcatch Precure OST
  12. The Man with the Machine Gun - 20020220 (Music from Final Fantasy)
  13. My Friend and the Setting Sun - Kirby: Super Star Ultra Soundtrack
  14. Dragon’s Den - Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver OST
  15. Maybe I’m a Lion - The Black Mages II: The Skies Above
  16. promise - Song for Tales of the Abyss
  17. Cosmic Stylings - Solatorobo Soundtrack
  18. Vermilion City - Pokemon Reorchestrated: Kanto Symphony
  19. Taiyou no Mannaka e - Eureka Seven, Bivattchee
  20. Breakthrough - .hack//Link Game Music OST


important ship tropes:

  • fake dating
  • SECRET dating
  • being locked in a room or trapped in a small space
  • finishing each other’s sentences, KNOWING WHAT THE OTHER IS ABOUT TO SAY
  • tou chi NG!!!! FOr eheA DS!!!!!!11!!
  • wearing each other’s clothes
  • doing that thing where they accidentally get real close and, like, stare meaningfully at each other for a few seconds too long
  • channeling the inner romcom and having an epiphany about how much they care about each other and RACING TO CONFESS THEIR LOVE
  • fucking. Now or Never Kiss
  • defending each other to scathing tertiary or otherwise minor characters but ONLY WHEN THE OTHER ISN’T AROUND
  • reincarnation or time loop or OOOOH TIME TRAVEL SCENARIOS
  • dramatically saving each other from certain death or barely surviving something that almost makes the other break down and just smirking wearily and mumbling flippant smartass remarks to HIDE THE DEPTH OF THEIR FEELINGS
  • undercover as lovers, the classic
  • ALMOST KISSING. like getting so close that they start to close their eyes and hold their breath and then SOMETHING HAPPENS and they jump apart, that is MORE VALUABLE THAN ANY ACTUAL KISSING
  • casually sitting on each other’s laps during ensemble cast conversations or scenes
  • did i mention F AKE DATinG

I thought I bought a chocolate milk, but it was actually an iced coffee.



Mario Kart 8 DLC footage leak.


9-13-2014 Super Smash Charathon Round 4 - Kirby

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never stop dreaming


Guys it him

It’s Sonicman

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[ NEWS ] Scholars confirm first discovery of Japanese sword from master bladesmith Masamune in 150 years

  • by Casey Baseel

Should you visit a history museum in Japan, and, like I do, make an immediate beeline for the collections of samurai armor and weaponry, you might be surprised to notice that Japanese swords are customarily displayed with the stitching removed from the hilt. Visually, it sort of dampens the impact, since the remaining skinny slab of metal is a lot less evocative of it actually being gripped and wielded by one of Japan’s warriors of ages past.

The reason this is done, though, is because many Japanese swordsmiths would “sign” their works by etching their names into the metal of the hilt. Some craftsmen achieved almost legendary status, becoming folk heroes whose names are widely known even today.

The most respected of all, though, was Masamune, whose reluctance to sign his blades has made identifying them difficult. But difficult and impossible are two different things, and for the first time in over a century, a sword has been confirmed by historians as being the creation of the master himself.

Masamune was active during the late 13th and early 14th centuries, the part of Japan that today is part of Kanagawa Prefecture. He lived his life during the Kamakura Period, when the samurai class saw the most dramatic rise in its power over Japan.

Producing the highest-quality blades during a time of military power made Masamune’s swords extremely prized. Today, the only swordsmith who can approach his exalted historical status is Muramasa, who was born hundreds of years later. Justified or not, Muramasa is said to have been psychologically imbalanced and prone to violence. Superstition holds that these traits were passed on to the swords he forged, and as such Masamune’s are often held to be the superior weapons.

However, it can be hard to keep track of weapons in a country that’s gone through as many civil wars, revolutions, and occupations as Japan has, no matter how impressive their pedigree. Last year, a man brought a sword, which had found its way into his personal property, to the Kyoto National Museum to be appraised. Historian and sword scholar Taeko Watanabe spent the months between then and now studying the blade, and has recently announce her conclusion that it is a Masamune.

"Judging from its unique characteristics such as the pattern that can be seen in the side of the blade… it was unmistakably forged by Masamune."

The particular sword, which Watanabe says is called the Shimazu Masamune, had been given in 1862 by Iemochi, the 14th Tokugawa shogun, to the Imperial Family to mark his marriage to Princess Kazunomiya, also known as Princess Kazu.

"By presenting such a masterwork to the Imperial Family, Iemochi showed the deepest appreciation and highest respect," Watanabe commented.

Following this, the sword’s whereabouts were unknown until its anonymous owner brought it to the museum in Kyoto. It is the first blade to be confirmed as a Masamune in roughly 150 years.

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