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My time has come.

  1. My most hated chores are dishes and laundry, because both just pile up again so quickly after doing them.
  2. Favorite DQ Blizzard is chocolate ice cream with peanut butter and banana chunks. Best darn thing right there, man.
  3. I used to be a bit of a clean freak, but somehow I’ve become a slob again. (Seriously, my room is a fucking mess, damn.)
  4. I’ve spent more money on the .hack series than I care to admit.
  5. I’m so close to my sister that people have actually mistaken us for being a lesbian couple.

And now Ducky and I are going to rewatch Avatar: The Last Airbender again, ‘cause it’s not like I’ve already filled my day with A:TLA or anything.


bagged milk is unnatural. the bible says adam and eve not adam and bagged milk

I spent the last few hours reading through all of the A:TLA comics of “The Promise” and “The Search”, and I gotta say I really enjoyed both.

"The Promise" shows that not everything goes so smoothly after overthrowing Fire Lord Ozai and that issues will still crop up. "The Search" is our long-awaited answer for what happened to Zuko’s mom, and I thought it was pretty satisfying.

I’d always heard that the third part of “The Search” was pretty bad? Or at least had mixed reactions within the fandom. I personally liked it. I can see why others would have a problem with it, but yeah.

And the art is great and everyone’s in character (which is a flippin’ miracle), and gosh. Now I need to go buy the first part of “The Rift”.

Sword Art Online, more like ‘Shit, Another One’.

-- tumblr user iuliathe3rd. (via kagetsuna)


Robbins Studios has released another teaser photo of me and my friends in our Skies of Arcadia costumes, photographed at PAX East 2014!

randomthunk replied to your post:Never got to see Winter Soldier today, but…


Oww, my hearing.

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Do it because it—*steps over that giant AHHHH*—is easily the best of phase 2. And will probably make you cry in at least one spot.

I BET IT WILL, and man trust me, I really want to see it. But my work schedule kinda screwed me over today, and the rest of the week is kind of weird. ‘Cause see, Ducky works the next few days I’m off, but then I work the days she’s off, so…. yeah.

Never got to see Winter Soldier today, but HOPEFULLY sometime this week we will. Or at least before it leaves theaters.

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Is it your birthday?? Happy birthday!!!

Yes, for a little while longer! Thank you!


Sakura-Con was very fun this year! Unfortunately I didn’t see much of anything in the vein of .hack… until I bumped into this Elk cosplayer! She was very much in character, as you can see in the photo here.

Hoping to find more next year; we’ll see!

Time to go eat delicious Thai food!

You know what this birthday needs? More Hermit.

Have a great one~!

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